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Reunión Dirección | Nanta - Porto in 07/07/2014
Great organization that resulted in an excellent event!"

Olivia Santos

Recycal Project | Suldouro - Porto in 20/06/2014
Excellent performance to show, to a diverse and multinational group, the beauty of this magnificent city."

Joel Braga

I Escola de Retail Nanta Portugal | Nanta - Porto in 21/10/2014 to 23/10/2014
Thanks for the fantastic collaboration...very professional!!"

Isabel Silva

“Thanks Bruno for your great work. We are happy for the success and we will meet again in the second edition of the Nanta Retail School in Portugal."

Carmen Martín de Lara

III Convenção de Distribuição Nanta Portugal | Nanta - Aveiro in 24/04/2015
Great event and excellent feedback from our distributors"

Olivia Macedo

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