Boa Nova Restaurant - Leça da Palmeira


The Boa Nova Tea House restaurant, in Leça da Palmeira, Matosinhos, is the latest Rui Paula gastronomic space.


Because of the building history, the new Boa Nova restaurant is the biggest challenge of OPorto Chef career, and has everything to become one of the main gastronomic and architectural spots in Northern Portugal.


This ‘unusual’ house wirh open windows to the horizon is the ideal location for events, whether to impress guests, a business party or simply a celebration with friends. It has maximum capacity of 50 people but the uniqueness of the space is a sine qua non for 12 people groups.



Would you like to indulge in what was considered the best restaurant in Europe in 2014 with a Michelin star? Tasting the only Michelin-starred restaurant in Porto? Or attend one of the best shows of the "show biz" while you dine? Then this is the right program for you!

O Paparico Restaurant - Porto


They express in their name what's on their soul!


A dedicated service and tasty food, it's in the simplicity of these ideas that they sustain their work.


O Paparico is a Portuguese restaurant in nature, both in hospitality and service, as well as in its gastronomy.


They offer, for those who visits them, an authentic experience where they propose a return to their origins, totally inspired in the tradition, but refined by reflection, passion and professional rigor, resulting in a place with a unique atmosphere.

Essência Restaurant - Porto


In a house marked by the typical architecture of Modernism, the vegetarian restaurant Essência opens its doors in a sublime balance between the classical environment of the 40s and the cozy intimacy.


A comfortable antechamber invites you to enjoy an aperitif while you wait for your table.


In the dining room, the light atmosphere, the perfect light, and the smells, confusing, reconcile the senses.


Completing the Essência restaurant there's a garden, favorite spot for summer nights, and a private room, perfect for business meetings or more intimate celebrations.

Pedro Lemos Restaurant - Porto


Sit at one of the most appealing tables in Porto and enjoy different dining experiences offered by the kitchen chef Pedro Lemos.


A table at Foz, inside the cozy room or out here, on the terrace, any of these places is good to enjoy the creative cuisine of Pedro Lemos.


At Pedro Lemos's restaurant table comes a renewed gastronomic concept, in iconic dishes from the chef, disciple of Aimé Barroyer.

Cafeína Restaurant - Porto


Cafeína is a classic, which does nothing to stop it from being one of the most talked about restaurants in Oporto.


Located just a stone’s throw from the heart of Foz do Douro we find what continues to be one of the most fashionable restaurants in Porto, the Cafeína. Based on the renovation of an early-20th century house, contrasting sober and elegant decoration with bold, contemporary interior architecture, the Cafeína is frequented by actors, musicians, politicians, designers and models as well as unknown figures. In other words, its broad clientele makes it one of the city’s most “in” places.


The surroundings are cosmopolitan, with well-planned lighting and a careful selection of music ranging from jazz and easy listening to classical music.

Frida Restaurant - Porto


Mexico tastes like Frida, its colors and its magic, it tastes like tortilla and tamarind, corn and mezcal, cocoa and tequila, it tastes like "cocina mestiza"!


A nicely chilled coronita, a good glass of wine or a delicious margarita that accompany perfectly well a spicy tacos, chiles en nogada or the best guacamole in the city, are more than enough reasons to visit this Mexican tavern.


In Frida are keen to welcome us as friends, so do not be surprised for them to spend more time sitting at the table with you than behind the counter.

Baccará Restaurant - Casino de Espinho


The Baccará Restaurant invites you to dine in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, to try the tasty menu with carefully selected dishes by Chef Carola dishes and enjoy the excellent service.


From Wednesday to Sunday, excellent entertainment proposals take the stage, from the famous Solverde productions of contemporary ballet, performances of live music from national and international artists, to comedy shows and standup comedy.


With seating for about 200 people, Baccará restaurant is the ideal venue for banquets and dinners in a pleasant environment where you can watch a variety of shows and live music performances.

The Yeatman Restaurant - V. N. de Gaia


The Yeatman's Restaurant in Porto provides an environment of classic comfort, where discreet and understated service blends with the warm welcome for which Porto is famous.


Listing a comprehensive choice of Portuguese wines, as well as a wide selection from other great vineyards around the globe, the gastronomic restaurant makes a special feature of food and wine pairing.


A programme of tasting menus allows guests to discover a wealth of matching and contrasting flavours as they are taken on a journey through Portugal's diverse and varied wine regions.

DOP Restaurant - Porto


In the first quarter of 2010, Rui Paula returned to his homeland, Porto, with the opening of the DOP restaurant. The new space is situated in the Palace of the Arts – Talent Factory, in Largo de S. Domingos in the historic city center, classified as World Heritage. This building is full of history.


DOP has been designed to operate as a good taste, space cosmopolitan and yet familiar, and the generator of exciting dining experiences.


DOP layout, which extends over two floors, was designed to allow a familiar but intimate environment. Although the entire space is open, the dining tables are protected from each other by small walls, providing added privacy. It’s a concept that allows small groups to enjoy their own spaces.

DOC Restaurant - Armamar


Douro is river, villages and suspended vineyards on imposing slopes. It’s wine with designation of origin but also D.O.C, Taste of Certified Origins.


It was based on this analogy that, in 2007, the DOC restaurant was born. Situated in Folgosa, Armamar, on the road between Régua and Pinhão, in what is one of the most beautiful scenic routes in the country, the restaurant occupies a building of contemporary lines with a picket based that extends along an elegant wooden deck overlooking the river.


It’s a place of enormous beauty, blending the grandeur of the vineyard covered mountains and the serenity of the Douro river and the riverside villages, only awakened by the regular passage of the train. DOC serves as a window on this breathtaking scenery, making every meal a unique and special moment.

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