There are a thousand years of History to relive in the ancient cities, the busy streets, the walls of the heritage sites and the people's traditions.


Join us on this trip and get a taste of Porto's and Northern Portugal's unique hospitality and charm. One region with four world heritage sites and much more to discover.


In Porto and Northern Portugal history intersects with modern times, breath-taking landscapes shine and provide unforgettable experiences.


This region is served by a modern airport with connections to several destinations. The Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport with direct connections to simple acesses to the metro and other direct transportation to the centre of Porto.


The commerce in the streets and galleries tremble with the vintage shops, traditional markets, gourmet specialities and urban handicraft. The gastronomy from the North is rich, healthy and inimitable, and the wines of the region are unique, aromatic and surprising.


We have sun, sea and river, culture and entertainment. We have festivities, life, modernity and excitement.


Can you resist the relaxed atmosphere of a golf day? Challenge those who want to improve their handicap for a tournament at one of the professional golf courses in Northern Portugal!


There is a vast choice of things to do, places to see, people to meet and emotions to feel.


We receive with the charm of those who live their life with intensity!

41° 15' 31'' N

8° 06' 54'' W


Leaving Porto you have to follow the A4, and just before Amarante take the way out 15 and follow the indications.


A beautiful and wonderfully designed course that will keep you returning again and again

Par 68

18 holes


Length: 4.604 mts


Inserted in the area of the Lower Tâmega, surrounded by a set of mountains - Marão, Aboboreira and Alvão - the Amarante Golf Course is attractive by its natural diversity that gives it special characteristics.

An atmosphere of serenity, which includes 18 holes of pure challenge, occupying a prominent place in the national golf.

The natural topography of the land tests players skills, that must have good distances judgment and accurate shots to the green.

With a modern and elegant style, the Club House provides a relaxing environment for golfers and non-golfers.

Overlooking the greens of holes 9 and 18, the natural landscapes around are amazing.

The restaurant will let you relax and relive the best moments of the day, a space with a serene, modern decor and panoramic views over the golf course.

We are waiting for you.



If you happen to love links golf, then this astounding course will leave you in golfers heaven!

41° 27' 12'' N

8° 29' 29'' W


If you are arriving from Porto via A28, take a right turn towards Estela after the Póvoa de Varzim exit. Afterwards just follow the signs and you will easily find us after approximately 3 Km.

Par 72

18 holes


Length: 6.300 mts


Founded in 1988, the exclusive Estela Golf Course is a true links and one of the most beautiful and great golf challenges in Europe.

Located in a magnificent area along 3 km  of beaches facing the Atlantic Ocean, just 20 minutes north of Porto, it has the honor of being host of the Portuguese Open as well as numerous International Amateur Championships.

Elected for two times Club of the year, it has first class commodities and a climate cooled by the Atlantic breeze in summer and warmed by the Gulf Stream in winter.

Notwithstanding its magnificent beauty and unique ocean views, playing in Estela Golf can, however, be more than just a simple round of golf; its fairways are surrounded by untouched and virgin dunes which contribute to the constant presence of the Nature.

The 19th hole gives a warm welcome to the players with its outstanding Ocean view from the Bar and Restaurant.


Portugal's golf history, written by the sea in a beautiful and memorable course!

40° 59' 04'' N

8° 38' 30'' W


Just 20 minutes from Porto, and following the A1, leave the highway in Espinho.

Par 71

18 holes


Length: 5.640 mts


Golf and tradition go hand in hand, no surprise there! But try guessing where the oldest uninterrupted competition in the world is played. The answer is Portugal, Porto to be more precise. The city renowned for its dessert wine is also the home for one of the most traditional golf clubs in Europe and it's definitely worth a visit!

When Oporto Golf Club started - in 1890 - Porto's second most famous sport hadn't even begun. It was only 3 years later that football was introduced to the "Invicta" city.

Like in any old golf course, Oporto's greens are small but challenging and the closest to a links you'll ever find in Portugal. In general terms you can prepare for a pleasant but competitive ride, not advisable for high handicaps. Particularly interesting are  the initial four holes that run alongside the vast sandy beach. Play during the summer and you may be tempted to swap the 19th hole for the beach!


Axis Golf Ponte de Lima is an inspiration source for those that truly love golf

41° 15' 31'' N

8° 6' 56'' W


Just 1,5 kms from Ponte de Lima, and 70 kms from Porto Airport, you can use the A28 or the A3 to get to us.

Par 71

18 holes


Length: 6.005 mts


Axis Golf Ponte de Lima was inaugurated on the 15th of September 1995. The Golf Course as 18 holes for a par 71 os 6.005 meters.

In this space, golf enthusiasts, professionals or amateurs, will have all conditions for the sport, including a stunning natural surroundings that invites to relaxation and mental rest.

Located on the rural area of Ponte de Lima, the golf course is a mixed between level and hilly, the first nine holes being hilly and the second nine level.

These unique characteristics in the Northern region delight players with the fantastic views over the Lima valley as well as having contact with the typical Minho countryside.

In the middle of the course, between holes 1, 10, 9, 18, is situated the Axis Ponte de Lima Golfe & Resort Hotel and the Club House where various services, such as reception, golf shop, hire of equipment, restaurant, bar, terrace, saunas, pool, television room, two tennis courts, are available.


Golf and nature making a fantastic golfing experience!

Par 72

18 holes


Length: 6.308 mts


The golf course was redesigned by Cameron & Powell, specialists on MacKenzie Ross design. The extension of the golf course from 9 to 18 holes was developed to retain the integrity of the original design and to faithfully reflect the aesthetics, playability, spirit & character of the site.

The first 9 holes are played in a relatively flat area in the Vidago valley, the last 4 finishing holes are breath taking, built on sloppy land with fantastic views on the natural surroundings, the Vidago Palace and the distant villages.

The golf course layout was built in order to retain every valuable centenary tree.

The features of the golf course are the elevated tees and greens, where the tee boxes are built with stone walls, strategic bunker positioning and greens that demand a sharp eye to read the slopes.

41° 38' 24'' N

34' 22'' W


You must use the A42 (leaving Porto) and then the A7, direction Chaves.

Get out at the Vidago juction.

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