Quinta do Vallado


Built in 1716, is one of the oldest and most famous estates in the Douro Valley.

Famous for producing Douro wines and Port wines of world class, you will be able to visit its winery and cellar, with wine tasting included.


You can also take advantage of its recently modernized accommodation Wine Hotel.


Pick-up and drop-off for a visit with Vallado wine tasting

Pick-up and drop-off for a visit with Porto wine tasting

Promotional package including wine tasting, 1 night accommodation and visit to the Douro Museum


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Inserted in the Quinta do Portal Vineyard it is an unit of agrotourism excellence, having embraced wine tourism enthusiastically.

Considered by Forbes as one of the 10 best wine international destinations, let yourself be enchanted and lead to enjoy a unique experience.


Join the vineyards and harvest tasks and learn more about the Douro and Porto wines.




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Quinta do Portal - Casa das Pipas




The Alto Douro Wine Region currently has one of the best European wine tourism offerings, having been classified as an UNESCO World Heritage Site in the category of cultural landscape, by its climate and mesological particular characteristics.


Escape2oporto DMC offers you the opportunity to enjoy the best of what this region has to offer by partnering with leading-wine hotels located in this area. Choose from our best options and talk to us to obtain customized programs.

Quinta do Pégo is a Rural Hotel part of a wine estate, on the slopes of the Douro River, in the heart of Port Wine region.


​Awarded the prize "Best of Wine Tourism 2011 - Great Wine Capitals" in the category of accommodation, offers 10 comfortable rooms.



A good restaurant, a bar and an outdoor pool with magnificent views over the Douro River valley are some stimuli for a relaxing stay.



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Quinta do Pégo - Hotel Rural


In an Estate with 51-hectare, extending to the Douro, is a hotel with soul, that surprises you by its history, combined with an innovative and sophisticated style.


This is a boutique hotel entirely devoted to gastronomic and wine tourism where the welfare, comfort and family spirit are ubiquitous values, and the vine and wine play a crucial role.


From the guided tours, the tastings and wine courses, passing through lunch and dinner, everything can be done with great potential and total flexibility.




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Quinta da Pacheca - The Wine House Hotel


Every man has its dream. The dream of Zeca do Pôpa from the Douro was to own a vineyard in one of the best locations in the oldest recognized wine region of the world.


​And so the Quinta do Pôpa was born, sitting alongside the Douro river in a privileged position, counting simply on the best of the wines in the Douro region.


Join the vineyards and harvest tasks or just enjoy a picnic having as background one of the most beautiful landscapes of the world.


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Quinta do Pôpa


On the south bank of the river Douro, in Cima-Corgo, right opposite to Quinta do Porto, lies Quinta do Seixo, which provides a breathtaking, stunning view over the river Douro.

An innovative project not only for the state-of-the-art technology used in the cellar, but also for creating a tourist experience that is both educational and attractive!


Guided tours through the winery, the wine cellar and robotic lagars (automatic wine presses), complemented by multimedia to explain the whole wine production cycle and a Porto Wine tasting (selected vintages) in a room with a spectacular panoramic view of Douro, in addition to unique programs like the gourmet program and picnics in the vineyard.


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Quinta do Seixo - Sandeman


Situated in Penalva do Castelo around 25 Km from Viseu, the Casa da Ínsua (Ínsua House) is a Baroque-style mansion house whose overriding image is its impressive façade and its magnificent gardens.

Turned into a 5-star charm hotel, allows you to enjoy unforgettable moments of leisure or business events.


Various activities are available to make your stay unforgettable.


Participate in gathering, steps, winemaking and tasting of wines from Casa Ínsua.





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Quinta das Carvalhas is a property of great beauty and spectacularity, with a dominant position on the slope of the left bank of the River Douro, in Pinhão, which extends down the slopes of the right bank of the River Torto.

The earliest written references about Quinta das Carvalhas date back to 1759, with its magnificent Old Vines, post-phylloxera planting, now achieving the respectable age of a century.


Enjoy various thematic wine tastings, the vineyards and its stunning scenery by hiking through the vineyards or practicing "birdwatching", and climb to the top of hill, 550 meters altitude, where it is located the famous Round House, to enjoy a stunning panoramic view over the region.


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Casa da Ínsua

Quinta das Carvalhas - Real Companhia Velha


One of the Douro Valley’s finest vineyards, Bomfim is the heart of the company’s greatest Ports, having provided the main structure for Dow’s Vintages since it was acquired in 1896.


The property is situated in the centre of the best wine-producing area, known as the ‘Cima Corgo’, which offers an ideal balance between the relatively wet ‘Baixo Corgo’ to the west (with sometimes excessively rich soils for the production of great Port) and the intense heat of the ‘Douro Superior’ to the east.


Take advantage of wine tastings specifically chosen according to your personal taste, as well as the opportunity for a walk in the vineyard, enjoying an unforgettable view over the Douro Valley.


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Quinta do Bomfim


Quinta Nova Winery Luxury House, the 1st wine hotel in Portugal, born from the reconstruction of the old nineteenth-century manor house, in full harmony with nature, in this 120-hectare estate.


It's 250 years of winemaking history about Douro and Port wines, and an award-winning project that includes a Wine Tourism Winery House and Winery Restaurant.


All locations are ideal to feel the vineyard, drinking fine wine or taste the best regional cuisine.


Come to know in detail the entire production of wine, in an organized visit by the 1764 winery, by the Wine Atelier, the barrel room and the underground cellar where they age the best lots selected by the family.


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Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo


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